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Account Use Policy (Please Read Carefully)

Illegal Use of the System

     The user is responsible for any illegal material that may be on his or her account. There will be no use of e-mail to solicit illegal materials, or run illegal marketing schemes (i.e. pyramid schemes, etc). The file space on your Taipan account is not to be used to download or store illegal data such as pornography, warez, or mp3s. If it is found that a user is using his or her account for such actions, we will remove said user's account from the system.

E-Mail Use and User Account Space

      Furthermore, your user e-mail account may be used for listserv subscriptions but please keep in mind that the listservs generally send out approximately 100 e-mails or more PER DAY so as a courtesy to other users please delete all messages that are over two months old or save them to your account. If you do not perform routine maintenance on your e-mail account (i.e. delete old messages) Taipan's disks will fill up and we will be forced to revoke your e-mail privileges.

Account Security

     Users should change their passwords frequently, and should not reveal their passwords to others (NOTE: You will be held responsible for any actions on your account that are deemed unacceptable). Passwords should be written down and kept in a safe place. There is a program called obvious which can help in determining a good password (simply type obvious at the command prompt to use it. Type ctrl-C to quit [control key and c at the same time]).

     If a user has reason to believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to his or her account, the password should be changed immediately and the matter should be brought to the attention of a system administrator, currently Merrill Bean. He can be reached via e-mail: help@taipan.nmsu.edu or call them at 646-8165.

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