EPWS 310 - Plant Pathology

Lectures - Fall 2002


Lecture 10

LECTURE 10    READING Chapter 9

Control using cultural, biological, chemical methods

I. Various Control Methods-

A. Regulation- aims at excluding a pathogen form a host or from a certain geographic area.

1. Quarantine and inspection.- Plant Quarantine Act of 1912


 B. Cultural control methods- aims at helping plants avoid contact with a pathogen and at eradication or reducing the amount of a pathogen in a field.







 C. Biological control- the total or partial destruction of pathogen populations by other organisms.

1. suppressive soils

2. cross protection

3. hypervirulence

4. mycoparasitism

*The mechanisms by which antagonistic microorganisms affect pathogen populations:

1. Direct parasitism

2. Competition with the pathogen for food.

3. Direct toxic effects on the pathogen by antibiotic substances releases by antagonist.

4. Indirect toxic effects on the pathogen by volatile substances released by antagonists.

 D. Trap plants-


 E. Antagonistic plants-

 F. Chemical methods that eradicate or reduce the inoculum.

1. Soil treatment-

2. Fumigation-.

3. Aerial sprays-

4. Postharvest-

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